Your Soul Signature

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Planets, points and asteroids
   arranged in house and sign
At time and place of birth,
   you soul’s own blueprint was defined;

Now place yourself within your chart,
   your gallery so true,
To see and feel and know
   the cosmic signature of you.

Imagine being taken on a journey into the center of your Soul, to see yourself as you truly are now in all your perfection - how you were created to be.

I was lucky enough to recently experience my 'Soul Signature'.

This involved 3 sessions of sitting within my birthchart, as depicted by over 30 breathtaking images corresponding to signs, planets and other astrological icons. While I have had numerous astrology readings that have assisted me immensely in knowing myself and my journey, I can honestly say that this process took that process to the next level.

It is difficult to express in words except to say that as a result of quietly focussing on the images, arranged accordingly to my signature, I went from being quite closed down initially to experiencing a deep recognition of and connection with my true essence and journey. I now feel much more at peace and able to trust that my journey is unfolding with perfection. The images are unique and beautiful, containing an incredible depth, which I can now access at will.

Congratulations, Tia, on your dedication and patience at bringing such an amazing transformation system to this planet.

— David (Australia)

The Soul Signature System is a profound new way of using astrology that gives you a powerful experience of your qualities and potentials, free from all distortions, judgments and fears. Most importantly it provides a clear and direct connection to your true essence and deeper self.  A session within your chart will allow you to receive a new vision of your self, which you will naturally love and desire to embrace, because you will recognize it is who you truly are. In the deepest sense, the system serves to align you to your soul, which will activate a fresh new experience of your self and your life.

Other benefits for you from experiencing this system include:

  • greater clarity, direction, certainty
  • new depths of peace, joy, confidence
  • recognition of your natural gifts and life path
  • a sense of wonder, appreciation and love for self
  • dissolving of blocks and obstacles
  • awareness of your unique keys to creating abundance
  • learning what supports you to feel inspired
  • freedom and understanding to realize your potentials

By experiencing your cosmic blueprint in this way, you will come to know that everything you truly desire is already inside you - all you seek has always been within! The system affirms that what you know deep down is true, but to see it visually helps profoundly to fully own and embrace the reality of who you truly are.

The journey was presented in a beautiful, visual way that my body has absorbed on many layers. It is as if I was waiting for this experience to remind me of who I am. The first session introduced me to someone deep inside me that I knew, and the second session locked it in. Tia, I thank you from deep within my heart for this amazing gift. This tool will help people to see themselves in the fullness of who they are, and give them understanding, acceptance and recognition at a very deep level. This is what it has done for me.

— Angela (New Zealand)

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The Soul Signature System

On an essential level, we are all one, but we express that oneness in different ways. Your Soul Signature is created from your astrological birthchart, using illustrated cards of inspired paintings and words. You are opened to an experience that will reveal yourself to you, and how you are placed in this lifetime and in the larger purpose of creation, to fulfill your destiny and purpose.

The Mystical Rose Collection of 33 paintings comprises a complete visual expression of the astrological chart, providing an experiential way to connect with your cosmic blueprint. The paintings are portals into the energies of Source: they reflect the essence of the Absolute, and are ‘true’ at the deepest level.

Astrology provides a precise map of who you are in this life, and the paintings are used to fill this template with the living colours of your unique soul energies. This system provides a dynamic, felt experience of your birth chart.

Tia's work touched me very deeply, as experiencing my own natal chart in this way assisted in realigning my physical, mental and spiritual self in a time when I was feeling very overwhelmed. Her work allowed me to see and experience things that I could never access on my own and has provided me with a deeper level of understanding of my own energy system.

- Shellie-Ann King (Australia)

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Experience the Soul Signature System for Yourself

Join Tia Rose and take a spiritual astrology journey through your unique lifeprint into the centre of your being. The inspired collection of images and words in the system are laid out in the configuration of your birth chart. You will sense a deep connection with the images as they provide a direct connection to your soul: just viewing them in this way leads to an immediate inner recognition, harmonisation and alignment.

The soul signature journey will support you to:

  • Align with the beauty and perfection of who you are right now
  • Recognise with crystal clarity who you are, your life path, your inner gifts
  • Remember your essence, true being and oneness with the whole
  • Know the love, peace and support that comes from connecting with your own innermost truth.
The sessions with Tia and her astrology cards was like taking a deep dive into the ocean of my soul. Both helped me reveal and unravel the deeper mystery at play behind my pathway through life so far. Tia's soulful artwork also helped me find greater peace and understanding, regarding parts of my nature I sometimes struggled to make sense of and heal. I felt more whole and complete after reading each card - like I was able to retrieve and re-integrate many forgotten strengths and positive influences that make up my soul essence. The astrology session itself was almost like receiving an attunement or soul retrieval - all of which helped me to remember the reasons I incarnated and why I'm here to extend love. The cards also offer a grounded awareness of the inner challenges we may face alongside the potential gifts we bring, to help us transcend our limits and reconnect to our divine self in this lifetime.

— Samantha Winstanley (UK)

The incredible cosmic energy built into Tia's innovative and transformative paintings was so impactive it enabled me to positively change my life. Congratulations Tia. You have created a unique and very empowering tool to activate self-healing.

— Ashtara, Astrologer (Australia)


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To experience the full system requires four sessions.