Enter in the silence,
   let the paintings lead you in,
To peace, to freedom, joy’s pure light -
   our cosmic origin;

Enter in the stillness,
   let the artworks take your hand,
And find once more your source of love -
   your inner, sacred land.

Paintings, poetry, creating and awakening course, living astrology system…

all inspired from the heart of silence,

all here to help you reconnect with the deepest truth of your Being.

Come within,
allow the inspired images and words to wash through your conscious awareness, and remember in their energetic grace the Grace that moves in the heart of you.

You are so welcome here.

With love and gratitude,

Tia & James

The role of the artist is to transmit to humanity the deepest experience of reality. Art is remembrance. It is love. It is like a sword that distinguishes between appearances and reality, or a cradle that reminds us of home.

— Rupert Spira