The Art of Creation Course

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Come find your Self in colours true,
   revealed upon the pages,
The hidden artist found anew,
   awareness, purpose grow;

Your journey guided every rung,
   with pen and chart exploring,
The blocks dissolve, your song is sung,
   the greater You to know.

Take part in an extraordinary journey of insight, creativity and awakening to your True Self. Using painting, journaling tasks, guided meditations and your astrological chart, the Art of Creation is a profound course for personal and spiritual development.

A Creative Journey to Self

The Art of Creation is an inspirational painting and astrology course and a unique experiential journey to realising your self, unblocking and dissolving obstacles, and opening to your full potential.  It is a truly magical, life-enhancing and life-changing journey, with new awareness at every turn.

The Art of Creation works within the framework of your current life, to expand and support you to move beyond current limitations and open new possibilities, in ways that you couldn’t ordinarily conceive.  It will take you and your life to a whole new level and you will be amazed.

No painting experience or knowledge of astrology is necessary.

This course will also help you to: deepen your connection to your inner guidance (intuition) and help you to trust it; build confidence, strength and certainty in your self, direction and life path; and open up your unique gifts, creativity and purpose.

You will feel completely supported and nurtured every step of the way.

Doing the painting course with Tia's support was such a beautiful gift that I offered myself.  Just the time spent with her on skype is a treat.  Her beautiful, silent presence is so soothing when you go through this very deep journey through the signs and painting.
That was a wonderful encounter with myself in the form, with all these parts of myself and their expressions that I understood in a deeper way and was then able to let go by meeting them and painting them.  The painting process was also a deepening into the silence and an opening to what I am at the core.  A seeming outer expression, only for a deeper inward encounter.

I highly recommend this.  If you ever thought of painting and have a sense it could open up something within you, THIS course is for you!  And the most important ...
enjoy all of it.

— Armelle (Belgium)

Who is it for?

The Art of Creation course is for anyone who desires:

  • clarity, direction and vision
  • to change their life
  • to connect and align themselves with their true essence and deeper nature
  • to get unstuck and unblocked
  • to open creativity and inspiration, uncover natural inner gifts, self expression and purpose
  • support through a major life change - creating new life
  • to start a new chapter in their life
  • support and guidance
  • a way to integrate and embody their realised spiritual experience and go deeper
  • to live from a place of inspiration, peace, passion and natural flow
  • to awaken to their true nature of peace, joy, love, abundance and freedom
  • to learn to paint from their authentic self
  • is seeking in any way

How Does it Work?

This course is unique, as it is all about YOU. Rather than being something you learn, it is a process that allows you to experience the unfolding of your inner life. Requiring no previous art experience or creative practice, it meets you where you are at, regardless of ability.

An amazing personal adventure, the course is designed to guide you in the most natural, enjoyable and loving way; inspired by your inner guidance and wisdom, you access your heart’s desires and directions.

The Course contains:

  • an integrated series of 13 unique lessons
  • your personal astrology chart, and all you need to understand the basics of your star signs
  • written journal exercises, based on engaging and stimulating material
  • guided meditations to access deeper mind
  • the transpersonal Art of Creation painting process
  • personal support from Tia through 13 live Skype sessions
  • email support as required
  • being energetically ‘held’ throughout the course

The course can be completed in three to nine months, depending on your available time and lifestyle. Each section requires a minimum of two to three hours, but participants often enjoy doing much more.

Benefits from the Art of Creation Course

Participate in an adventurous and magical journey to:

  • experience, awaken, grow personally and spiritually, and have your spirit and life renewed
  • become more aligned and attuned to your intuitive guidance, to trust and follow it in order to live from a place of greater ease, flow, groundedness and grace
  • open and expand yourself and creativity
  • release energy blocks almost effortlessly
  • discover hidden gifts and talents
  • open to a whole new sense of self love, beauty and appreciation for yourself and life
  • cultivate your own unique style and artistic ability
  • come home to your Self - your depths, inner richness, true essence and awareness; to a greater sense of wholeness, peace, natural joy and fulfilment
  • enjoy a wonderful, playful way to grow!
Tia is an amazing soul guide who has the ability to hold a space of serene presence both in person, and through her amazing art.  I took Tia's art course during a year of transition and brave new quantum leaps, and I found it offered just the kind of grounding anchor and support I needed to help me process the fast paced changes I found occurring this year, both within and without. 

I suspect that like many, I took the course simply hoping to unblock my creativity and have some fun - and yes - this certainly was a part of the experience, but month by month and as the course progressed, I also encountered a series of mystical initiations that seemed to unlock parts of my deeper psyche and soul.  And this is where the real alchemy and transformation took place.

If you are looking to deepen your connection to your soul and discover the divine within - I can't recommend this course enough.  The power and the energy of both Tia and her art, can not be underestimated.  I feel truly blessed to be able to call her both my guide and mighty companion during a time of rapid rebirth.

— Sam (UK)

The Art of Creation Course - with Phone Support

The Art of Creation Course - with Phone Support


The Art of Creation Course - with Email Support

The Art of Creation Course - with Email Support