Mystical Rose Gallery

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33 paintings, inspired by the deepest
   reflections of Spirit, clear Light from above,
33 doorways to your own remembering
   the truth of your Being, divine child of Love;

33 facets of heavenly diamond,
   dimensions of Peace shining God's Mystery,
33 portals to your Home returning -
   warm, joyful welcome to Love's Gallery.

The Mystical Rose Gallery comprises thirty-three paintings, inspired and created over a period of twelve years.

 In Tia’s words:

From the moment I began painting, it was much more than just painting - it was an experience. Each painting was an expansive, healing, mystical adventure. I was moved into a deep space of silence, fully surrendered, where a previously unknown door opened and the mystery of creation was revealed. I was guided and inspired in the different expressions of each painting, to capture the energies and qualities of love and creation we all contain. My whole being was infused with divine energies and grace, to leave a reflection of eternity upon the canvas.