Mystical Rose Gallery

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33 paintings, inspired by the deepest
   reflections of Spirit, clear Light from above,
33 doorways to your own remembering
   the truth of your Being, divine child of Love;

33 facets of heavenly diamond,
   dimensions of Peace shining God's Mystery,
33 portals to your Home returning -
   warm, joyful welcome to Love's Gallery.

The Mystical Rose Gallery comprises thirty-three paintings, inspired and created over a period of twelve years.

 In Tia’s words:

From the moment I began painting, it was much more than just painting - it was an experience. Each painting was an expansive, healing, mystical adventure. I was moved into a deep space of silence, fully surrendered, where a previously unknown door opened and the mystery of creation was revealed. I was guided and inspired in the different expressions of each painting, to capture the energies and qualities of love and creation we all contain. My whole being was infused with divine energies and grace, to leave a reflection of eternity upon the canvas.

The inspired paintings of the Mystical Rose Gallery were created from a deep space of peace, and a pure and complete emmersion in the energies of love and truth.  More than beautiful images, they are mirrors of the love, joy and peace that shine in you. 

Each painting is a doorway into a dimension of your true being, supporting a deep and expansive opening into true Self.  This beautiful, sacred art will support you on your journey within in powerful ways far beyond words.

Tia, your paintings inspire and bless all of humanity, stirring hearts to Awaken to the Oneness of Love.

The vibrant colours soothe the soul and the images offer a glimpse of what lies beyond the everyday perceptions of the world.  I am honoured to know you and experience the Light that radiates and expresses through you in wondrous ways.

— David Hoffmeister
Author 'Unwind your Mind back to God'


Tia’s art can be used as inviting and effective meditation tools; for cultivating inner peace and calm and establishing awareness of your true, divine essence. The paintings provide a point of focus for stilling the mind, entering silence, opening to clear seeing and to your deeper self and knowing. Because the paintings reflect different aspects of our transcendent Self, they bring inspiration, expanded consciousness and fresh new energies.


Any of the art works in this collection will uplift, harmonise and transform your home, office and sacred spaces. While connecting with the paintings directly creates positive life changes for many individuals, their mere presence in an environment uplifts the energy in that space.

Every day that you view and connect with your special art piece you will receive its uplifting energy lightening your heart, bringing peace to your mind and nurturing your soul.  The presence of any artworks from the Mystical Rose Gallery will greatly enhance any room and positively effect anyone who shares the space.

Purchased once, these artworks will transform your home constantly for years to come. A TiaArt work is sure to become a valued treasure, as it supports you and others immeasurably in your lives.

Tia's beautiful paintings seem to inspire more beauty to bloom all around them.  They are fresh and vibrant and colourful, and with them on the wall, it is impossible to allow anything to remain dull in the room.  Once I put the first painting up in the store I manage, I felt inspired to make many changes.  Suddenly I had hope that the store could be beautiful.  I lit candles, moved in new furniture, and ordered things I had not thought of ordering before.  The addition of two further paintings was like bringing sparklers into a party.  Now the store feels like a warm and welcoming home, full of colour and light, and the change has been noticed by many.  I am very grateful to Tia for sharing her colour and inspiration with us all.

— Kishori